Science museums or science centres are very popular tourist attractions around the world. Aimed at fostering science education, these institutions usually employ static or interactive physical displays at their locations, whilst establishing online presence with promotional web sites. To date, however, exclusively virtual museums of science have been few and far between. Established in 2010, Eureka Station (www.eurekastation.org) is an online portal dedicated to the promotion of science education through virtual exhibits. The purpose of the proposed web site is to introduce basic science concepts to children through the Internet (a universally accessible medium in this day and age), thereby encouraging them to further explore the real world of science and technology all around them.

The intended primary audience of this web site includes children aged 2 to 17. Accommodating this age range will be accomplished by subdividing the site into three sections: one section for young kids aged 2-6, another section for grade school kids aged 7-12, and a third section for high school kids aged 13-17. For maximum effectiveness, adult guidance is recommended especially for the two younger groups. Therefore, Eureka Station can also serve as an educational resource for both parents and teachers, and a fourth section is dedicated to this purpose.

After visiting Eureka Station, the audience (regardless of age) will hopefully leave with a lasting impression that science and technology are fun endeavours. Moreover, they will become aware that it is empirically useful and intellectually rewarding to understand basic science concepts because they are highly relevant in everyday life.

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